Taking the Gospel to the People

Revival-USA is looking for men who believe that they are called to be full time evangelists. Our evangelism method is open air preaching. If you want an example see the life of George Whitefield, the 18th Century evangelist. You can learn more about him best through the two volume biography by Arnold Dallimore or "Select Sermons of George Whitefield" with an aount of his life by Bishop JC Ryle.

Full Time Evangelism

Revival-USA is a home for evangelists who want to be full-time. Revival-USA provides administrative support and training so the evangelist can preach the Gospel in the highways and hedges [i.e. college campuses, large community events like festivals and concerts and areas in a town or city where lots of souls gather or pass by].

Full-time means that you are completely engaged in the work of an evangelist without any other work or non-family distractions. This is your full-time work vs. being bi-vocational or preaching part-time.

Interested in being a full-time evangelist? Download the Application.


Revival-USA is looking to place evangelists in 30 major cities throughout the Western world. If you live somewhere else and want to remain there to preach then select the 'Other' location.